LKB UltraPure

These butterfly valves are hygienic on/off valves for use with low and medium-viscosity liquids in personal care, biotech and pharmaceutical applications.

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Comprehensive butterfly valve range

Based on the well-known Alfa Laval LKB valve platform, our LKB UltraPure butterfly valve range is a competitively priced alternative to diaphragm valves. Designed for use in high purity applications, the range consists of easy-to-configure units designed to meet the full spectrum of requirements for hygienic applications.

A full range of dimensions (ASME BPE, DIN 11850 and ISO 2037) is available.

For dairy, food and beverage, and high-pressure applications, Alfa Laval also offers the traditional LKB butterfly valve.

Hygienic performance

LKB UltraPure butterfly valves come with several features that ensure dependable hygienic performance.

  • LKB UltraPure butterfly valves are available with Ra < 0.5 µm, Ra < 0.4µm or EP (SF1 and SF4) surface finishes to ensure cleanability and minimize contamination risks.
  • Highly polished stainless steel disc and bearing bushings clipped onto the disc stems prevent metal-to-metal abrasion and ensure smoother disc movement.
  • Stem diameter provides particularly low flow resistance, ensuring gentle product treatment for low and medium-viscosity products.
  • Alfa Laval’s advanced seal technology seal technology provides greater thermal stability, better chemical resistance and improved tensile strength.
  • For perfect welding conditions, the ASME BPE version of the LKB UltraPure butterfly valves feature weld ends with defined sulphur content. The extended length of the valve makes it possible to use an orbital welding machine.

Manual or automatic control

LKB UltraPure butterfly valves can be complemented either with:

  • A handle for manual operation to mechanically lock the valve in either open or closed position. A complete range of handles, including a multi-position lockable handle, is available.
  • An air actuator for automated control in combination with either a valve indication unit or Alfa Laval ThinkTop valve sensing and control units. A selection of actuators is available.

Total peace of mind with complete documentation for validation

Equipment and components in the Alfa Laval BioPharm portfolio are supplied with Alfa Laval Q-doc, a comprehensive documentation package that provides full transparency of the entire supply chain, from raw material to final equipment delivery. This smoothes purchasing and installation procedures as well as facilitates qualification, validation and change control procedures. Based on GDP (Good Documentation Practice), Alfa Laval Q-doc covers every aspect of biotech and pharmaceutical equipment supply and provides customers with transparent and well-documented quality assurance of the sourced equipment.

The Q-doc package for LKB UltraPure butterfly valves comprises equipment manuals, performance tests, quality and manufacturing procedures, material certificates, traceability of product wetted parts and the necessary parts and service information. This attention to detail maximizes uptime and minimizes risk.

For more information about standards and certificates, please visit our BioPharm Portal.

Product Benefits

  • Hygienic performance
  • Competitively priced alternative to diaphragm valves
  • High purity applications


How it works


The valve consists of two valve body halves, valve disc, bushings for the disc stem and seal ring. The valve is assembled by means of screws and nuts.

Operating principle

The standard Tri-Clover LKB UltraPure butterfly valve range is designed either for automatic or manual operation.

Automatic operation

The automated LKB UltraPure butterfly valve is controlled from remote location by means of compressed air using a pneumatic actuator. The actuator controls the axial movement of a piston, which rotates the shaft 90°. The torque exerted by the actuator increases when the valve disc contacts the valve sealing ring, to ensure effective closing. The actuator is available in three standard versions: normally closed (NC), normally open (NO) and air/air activated (A/A).

Manual operation

The Tri-Clover LKB UltraPure butterfly valve is controlled manually by means of a handle. The handle mechanically locks the valve in its open or closed position. A two-position, four-position, regulating 90° or lockable multi-position handle is available. The handle is fitted on to the valve by means of a cap/block system and a screw and can be supplied with either welding or clamp connections.


  • ThinkTop® for control and indication
  • Indication unit with micro switches
  • Indication unit with inductive proximity sensors
  • Indication unit with hall proximity sensors
  • Explosion-proof indication unit with inductive proximity switches
  • Bracket for actuator
  • Handle with two or four positions
  • Handle for electrical position indication
  • Handle with infinite intermediate positions
  • Multipositioning handle
  • Lockable multiposition handle
  • Special cap for 90° turned handle position
  • Service tool for actuator
  • Service tool for fitting 25-38 mm (DN25 - DN40) valve discs

Save water with ThinkTop

Do something good for the environment and save up to 95% in CIP liquid when cleaning your valves. Innovations like ThinkTop sensing and control units make more efficient use of resources while safeguarding process hygiene. Add ThinkTop to your valves to optimize your processes.

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Part of a broad valve range

Alfa Laval offers a comprehensive range of valves intended for hygienic applications in the dairy, foodbeverage,home carepersonal care, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

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Ten top tips - Valves

Here are some tips and service videos to show how you keep your hygienic valves in tip top condition

Food Logic

Alfa Laval's hygienic equipment combines high performance with gentle handling to preserve sensitive ingredients. Keeping up with the food industry trends and addressing four key challenges; supplying food products to consumers at a competitive price, getting the most from raw materials, reducing waste and emissions, and delivering safe and hygienic food products.

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Product catalogue

Alfa Laval's hygienic equipment product catalogue "Close at hand" includes product leaflets, performance curves, links to animations, brochures and price lists for ordering purposes.

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CAD portal

Download the product models in Neutral or Native CAD file formats. It is also possible to download 3D PDF files.

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