Sampling valves

Alfa Laval’s range of hygienic sampling valves are valves used to draw liquid samples for evaluation in hygienic and aseptic processes without contaminating the sample or the sample source. Drawing representative samples that accurately reflect product characteristics enables product control and ensures product safety and quality. Ideal for use across the food, beverage, home-personal care, and biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

阿法拉伐卫生级取样阀-Alfa Laval Sanitary Sampling Valve

Safe, highly accurate and reliable sampling with exceptional reproducibility and economy for volumes large and small

  • Representative, contamination-free sampling with various options and accessories, including a double seat valve cleaning functionality
  • Safe sampling using quality sampling accessories, including pressure relief valves, to assure proper usage and workplace safety
  • Sterile sampling using quality sampling accessories, including a steam generator or hypodermic needle, to ensure extraction of microbial-free samples
  • Flexible, easy-to-clean hygienic solutions for manual and/or pneumatic operation in a single sampling valve
  • Versatile sampling methods, from hypodermic needle and plug to manual or pneumatic solutions with large ports and diaphragm

Whether managing brewery yeast propagation or taking bulk, aseptic or microbiological samples, Alfa Laval sampling valves enable representative sampling in hygienic processes under sterile conditions. High accuracy, exceptional reproducibility and excellent cleanability ensure product quality, safety and integrity whilst eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. This results in increased productivity and yield.


How does a sampling valves work?

Alfa Laval sampling valves enable the operator to extract a representative portion of the process liquid for analysis to ensure quality control. The valves are operated either by manual handle, by pneumatic actuator, or by a combination of manual handle and pneumatic actuator. For sterile sampling, a hypodermic needle is inserted into a rubber membrane plug to draw the process liquid for evaluation.



Happy Customers

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Hariss International Ltd., Kampala, Uganda

”Our new beverage process line lives up to our expectations for reliability, hygiene and increased production capacity."

Mr. Chadi K. Ahmad, Director of Hariss International                                                                     


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Hariss International Ltd., Kampala, Uganda

Chr. Hansen, Graasten, Denmark

“The Alfa Laval Unique Sampling Valves provide us with representative samples every time, which is essential to our business.”

Torben Jørgensen, maintenance manager, Chr. Hansen Graasten, Denmark


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Chr. Hansen, Graasten, Denmark

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Close at hand catalogue about valves

At your fingertips: Alfa Laval hygienic valves to ensure the most efficient flow of fluids through your process lines. Our ‘Close at hand’ catalogue details everything you need to determine the optimal flow solution for your processes. What you get is no risk of cross-contamination, increased safety, more uptime and cost savings, and greater productivity.

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Services for hygienic valves

To ensure continuous uptime for your hygienic processes, extend the lifetime of your hygienic valves. With Alfa Laval as your service partner, you have access to our global service network and experts when you need it and local support when it counts. Rely on our broad range of services to optimize your processes – whenever, wherever.

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Grow your business. Optimize your fluid handling systems – sustainably

Make your processes more efficient and more sustainable while achieving regulatory compliance and ensuring your business thrives. With Sustainable Optimization from Alfa Laval, you can save up to 80% in energy savings as well as 90% in water savings and cleaning media, while minimizing waste. Good for people. Good for planet. Good for profitability.

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Bring your sustainability strategy to life

Get more energy and water savings and reduce emissions from your hygienic processing lines. Our monthly newsletter, near, brings you stories about how Alfa Laval can support you in improving environmental performance across the dairy, food, beverage, home-personal care and pharmaceutical industries. What’s good for people and planet is good for your business too.