Decanter Performance

Reduce your total cost of decanter ownership

Reduce your total cost of ownership

Have you recently performed a health check on your decanter? Don’t miss the real opportunity to save money. To maximize your equipment’s life cycle and minimize total cost of ownership you need to ensure full reliability and top performance.

Here’s a total cost calculation for a large-capacity decanter:

7 Years Alfa Laval G3 125

In this case, sludge transportation and disposal represent 80% of the total cost of ownership.

Higher cake dryness can significantly reduce costs and choosing the right decanter service solution can lead to substantial savings in polymer consumption and energy usage. Imagine what those savings would mean for your bottom line.

Alfa Laval is an expert in wastewater treatment and decanter service, and we know what it takes to reduce your total cost of ownership. Take the first step toward substantial savings by talking to one of our experts.

Want to know more about the factors that drive decanter operational cost?

See an infographic showing how you can reduce total cost of ownership.