Decanter Performance

How Alfa Laval Service can secure your plant performance

How alfa laval service can secure your plant performance

Alfa Laval offers a wide range of service products that will secure your plant performance, including:

Alfa Laval Preventive Maintenance
Regular maintenance reduces downtime and unplanned stops, in addition to prolonging the lifespan of your equipment.

Alfa Laval Spare Parts
Our genuine spare parts are available 24/7 worldwide, with full traceability, through a global service network of eight major Alfa Laval distribution centres.

Alfa Laval Redesign
Release the true potential of your decanter by redesigning vital parts when new tasks and state-of-the-art performance are needed.

Alfa Laval Equipment Upgrades
Experience increased capacity, efficient operation, lower operating costs and longer service intervals.

Alfa Laval Performance Audit
Lets you optimize performance and minimize the maintenance costs of your decanter by:

  • Making maximum use of the flow and load
  • Identifying additional capacity and options to expand production
  • Optimizing cake dryness, effluent quality and polymer use

By choosing Alfa Laval, you get the perfect long-term partner for your daily operations. Our extensive global service network reaches you anywhere you are.

Being an expert in wastewater treatment we know what it takes to optimize your total cost of ownership. Start by talking to us about a Performance Audit that can give you a clear view of your potential savings.

Want to know more about how you can benefit by Alfa Laval Preventive Maintenance? 

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