Decanter Performance

A million reasons to optimize your operational cost

A million reasons to optimize your operational cost

Your real opportunity to extend performance and save money starts once your new decanter is in operation. To maximize your equipment’s life cycle and minimize total cost of ownership over time, you need to ensure full reliability and top performance.

Your initial investment represents a very small part of the decanter’s total lifetime cost. Instead, your major costs are related to:

  • Sludge transportation and disposal
  • Energy usage
  • Polymer consumption

At Alfa Laval, we help you optimize your processes. Based on application and maintenance knowledge as well as years of practical experience, we can advise you how to get the most out of your installed equipment.

Start by contacting us to book a Performance Audit. It will give you a clear view of your potential savings.

Know more about how you can optimize your operational costs related to:

Get more from your decanter

Our Performance Audit will let you know how to secure and improve your decanter’s performance and minimize costs.

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