Decanter training

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Our decanter Maintenance and Operator training (customized or standard) is a good opportunity to grow knowledge base and improve job skills, to be more effective in the workplace. Employees will gain more job satisfaction and motivation. This will contribute to maximizing decanter lifetime and you will have a peace of mind and cost saving.   

Operator and maintenance team training

Training by Alfa Laval experts secures skills in operation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Personnel will obtain the knowledge to safe and competently operate and maintain the decanter. We have a big focus on hands-on training, as the majority has the best learning curve by learning by doing. This training can be done at site, customer office, Alfa Laval office, Alfa Laval training center or virtually.


Webinar: Ensure optimal decanter performance

Irrespective of the industry that you are operating within, the performance of your decanter depends on proper and timely maintenance to avoid unplanned down-time. Spend an hour with some of our decanter service experts to gain tips and tricks on how to maintain equipment performance and get the most out of your decanter installation.

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