Service Kits - Emergency Kit for Aalborg boilers

The Alfa Laval Emergency Kit is an essential kit containing genuine OEM parts for your Alfa Laval Aalborg Burner. Kept on board, it makes vital parts readily available for immediate access.

Minimize boiler downtown

Having the kit on board helps minimize boiler downtime due to burner failure, which can otherwise result in serious consequences such as loss of HFO and cargo heating. With the required parts on hand, the crew can in some cases resolve the burner issue themselves with only phone or e-mail assistance from Alfa Laval service engineers.

If a visit from an Alfa Laval service engineer is required, the kit ensures that the most vital are available - even if the problem has been incorrectly identified. The issue can thus be resolved without waiting for parts or scheduling an additional service visit

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Please contact us for questions and service requests.

Contact us

For marine emergency service, please call +46 4636 7700.


  • Immediate availability of correct OEM spare parts
  • Minimized downtime and steam capacity losses
  • Issues resolved by crew with only remote assistance from Alfa Laval
  • Avoidance of freight charges, rush order fees and extra service visits

Scope of supply

Standardized emergency kits have been assembled for most Aalborg burners installations from 2005 onwards, based on the extensive experience of Alfa Laval service engineers.

The exact contents include:

  • Airflow control device
  • Photocells
  • Valves
  • Flow meter parts
  • Oil regulating valve
  • Control cabinet parts
  • Parts list with Alfa Laval Aalborg item numbers

Scope of service

  • Onboard kit with all vital parts
    The emergency kit, which comes in a convenient case that is easy to store on board, contains all OEM parts needed to quickly restore burner function.
  • Remote assistance
    Using the part in the kit, the crew can in some cases resolve the burner issue with onlye phone or e-mail asstance from Alfa Laval service engineers.

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