Service for separators – food and beverage

In food and beverage production, uptime, performance and low maintenance costs are crucial for the separators. With Alfa Laval as a service partner, you will have the support you need to ensure your equipment is always operating at its full potential with minimal downtime. We offer a range of services for all your needs during the lifetime of your separator, from scheduled maintenance that secures long-term efficiency to condition monitoring and upgrades for improving performance. Alfa Laval experts can train your operators how best to use your equipment, and our distribution network is always ready to supply original spare parts when needed.


Technical documentation

Looking for manuals and other technical documentation? Your local Alfa Laval representative can assist you in identifying the correct documentation for your specific separator model to make sure you get the right materials for your installation. Contact us today and we will be happy to help.

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Issues that occur during operation need to be identified and solved as quickly as possible. No matter what the cause, if a problem arises related to Alfa Laval separators, Alfa Laval troubleshooters will get to the bottom of it to prevent it from reoccurring. Alfa Laval has more than 130 years of separator experience which gives our troubleshooters a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. Alfa Laval Remote Guidance can be a supplement to the existing way of delivering service to you at site. With this tool, our field service engineers and product experts can establish a connection, using augmented reality technology, to speed up troubleshooting. Our separators are also connectivity-ready at delivery, enabling for example fast, remote automation support by our experts. Another service that Alfa Laval offers which speeds up troubleshooting is condition monitoring. Please check out our ConditionAlert service which monitors the condition online of all rotating parts, identifying early signs of potential problems and supporting troubleshooting.

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Top tips for top performance

Alfa Laval separators are designed to be robust, efficient and reliable. With the right operating conditions and maintenance practices, you can ensure your equipment stays that way for a long time to come. No matter what model Alfa Laval separator you have, always make sure to follow the steps listed below.

Want to make sure you always get the best separation performance?

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Make sure water and air of the correct quality is supplied to the machine as recommended in the manual.


Use only approved brands of oil for lubrication and check oil condition regularly.


Make sure that the Separator is operating in accordance with recommended design parameters.


Constantly monitor vibration levels and bearing temperatures. Check regularly for leaks and any abnormal noise.


Keep the service area clean and never place parts directly on the floor.


Stick to the recommended service intervals and the instructions for preventive maintenance.


Always clean parts thoroughly before re-­assembling them.


Use only Alfa Laval supplied tools for service and maintenance. Store tools in a clean, secure and dry location.


Only use genuine spare parts to achieve guaranteed performance, reliability and equipment life.


Maintain a stock of crucial spare parts such as oil, intermediate and major service kits. Follow storage instructions to avoid damage and corrosion.



Alfa Laval separators are designed for simple operation and ease of maintenance, but having well-trained operators is the best assurance of top, long-term separation performance. We can help with on-site or online training, so you have peace of mind that whatever happens, your staff will get the job done.

Training helps you and your operators get more out of your Alfa Laval separators, and can reduce total cost of ownership through minimized downtime and reduced need for service.

Contact your local Alfa Laval representative to find out more about training opportunities. If you have a service agreement with Alfa Laval, you can tie a training schedule as part of the agreement. Training includes both hands on experience and theoretical work, and we tailor the sessions specifically to the needs of your operation.

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Spare parts

Genuine Alfa Laval spare parts are the most effective way to protect the uptime, efficiency and operational reliability of your separator, making them your safest and most economical choice. Our parts inventory system contains all the data and availability information so that we can always find the requested parts for your specific equipment. And our global network of distribution centres offer fast shipping to make sure you always get the part you need – when you need it.

If you are looking for a specific part or kit, or if you have general questions about ordering spares, please contact us.

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Alfa Laval Service Agreements

Discover a tailor-made service solution based on your specific needs. Maximize performance and reduce operating costs with full control over your maintenance budget.





Service Offerings

Service Agreement

With an Alfa Laval Service Agreement, you ensure outstanding performance from your Alfa Laval separator and minimal total cost of ownership. Tailored to your priorities and requirements, a Service Agreement is the ideal maintenance solution from the original manufacturer of your equipment. It always contains a preventive maintenance program and in addition, all other services that you request to keep your separator running and performing well, such as monitoring, training and inspections.

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Condition Monitoring

The interconnection of machines, sensors and diagnostic programs brings completely new possibilities to increase efficiency and add value for customers. Alfa Laval offers a condition monitoring service called ConditionAlert which provides highly valuable insights into the condition of a separator and all its rotating parts. ConditionAlert gives you early warnings in case you need to attend to your separator, thereby avoiding unplanned stops and unnecessary maintenance costs. ConditionAlert fits perfectly in a Service Agreement.

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Preventive Maintenance

To keep a separator working efficiently, a comprehensive preventive maintenance schedule, tailored to meet specific customer requirements, is the best choice. Alfa Laval offers complete schedules including prepared spare parts kits for every service to be carried out.



Alfa Laval’s global network of service centres offers inspections, services, repairs and more for your separators to make sure you can always restore the condition of your equipment to achieve highest performance.

Equipment Upgrades

Depending on your separator model, Alfa Laval may offer upgrades to improve separation performance or availability, to reduce power or water consumption, to replace outdated electronic components and to comply with new food standards by higher material quality. Please let us know your requests and we will see how we can help you improve your operation.