UVPX range of separators is aimed for efficient and gentle purification of olive oil. These separators are designed and configured to provide an outstanding separation efficiency and exceptional purity of the final product. With these separators you get the best quality oil out of the olives delivered to your processing facility, regardless of the scale of your production.

UVPX 高速离心机-High-speed centrifuge

Robust separation technology for gentle and efficient olive oil clarification

  • Sustainable and efficient separation
  • Gentle product treatment
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Minimal product losses
The UVPX range of separators are a result of Alfa Laval’s long history of cooperation with olive oil producers worldwide. Based on our extensive knowledge of olive oil processing and understanding of critical business demands of the industry, these separators are able to deliver unmatched separation efficiency and profitability to your plant. They are frequently used to achieve premium quality olive oil at higher yield.

The UVPX separator lives up to the highest standards for efficiency and functionality. The design is based on criteria that include customer demands for gentle oil treatment, outstanding separation efficiency, easy installation and operation, and good serviceability.


The UVPX separator is designed for intermittent discharge of solids, while separating two intermixed and mutually insoluble liquid phases of different densities. It is most frequently used to clarify oil and to recover any traces of residual oil in the olive vegetable water. 


UVPX range

UVPX 507

UVPX separator for olive oil processing and refining

  • Wydajność do 800 l/h
  • Delikatna obróbka produktu
  • Minimalne straty produktu
  • Wyjątkowa wydajność separacji
  • Łatwość obsługi i konserwacji
  • Prosta optymalizacja procesu

UVPX 510

UVPX 510 - separator for olive oil processing and refining

  • Capacity up to 1500 l/h
  • Gentle treatment of the product
  • Minimal product loss
  • Outstanding separation performance
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Simple process optimization



The Separator Innovator

Would you like to know more about our innovations in separation technology? Click on the link below. Alfa Laval invented the first disc stack separator and has led the way in the development of centrifuge technology for over a century. We are glad to share with you the expertise we have gained along the way. Visit our Separator Innovator knowledge base to learn more about advancements in separation and the steps Alfa Laval is taking to continue revolutionizing the technology.

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