AQUA Blue E2 - Two stage freshwater generator

Alfa Laval AQUA Blue freshwater generators convert seawater into high-quality fresh water with an optimized process that occurs in a single plate pack. The AQUA Blue E2 freshwater generator applies the 3-in-1 AQUA plate technology in two stages, which shrinks its footprint and multiplies the green benefits. Using 50% less electrical power than conventional single- and two-stage freshwater generators, the AQUA Blue E2 produces 20–100 m3 of fresh water per day.


Energy-saving AQUA Blue benefits, multiplied by two stages

  • Twice the fresh water for a certain amount of waste heat – or the same amount using around half the waste heat
  • Retained production of fresh water on vessels that need to slow steam
  • Possibility to divert saved waste heat to the E-PowerPack (for generating electricity) or other heat consumers
  • Easy maintenance on board thanks to non-glued gaskets
  • 50% less electrical power consumption than conventional freshwater generators

The AQUA Blue E2 freshwater generator has all the strengths of single-stage AQUA Blue E1 models, including AQUA plates with non-glued gaskets. But with two stages, it can provide twice as much fresh water for the waste heat energy put in – or the same amount of fresh water using around half the waste heat. This lets it support shipowners as they decarbonize.

The AQUA Blue E2 can meet an increased need for fresh water, but it can also support a range of green scenarios. For example, it can retain existing freshwater generation capacity if a vessel needs to slow steam due to its Carbon Intensity lndicator (Cll) or Energy Efficiency Existing Ship lndex (EEXl). If the Alfa Laval E-PowerPack is installed on board, saved waste heat can even be used to generate electricity.

Because the AQUA Blue E2 is so versatile in saving energy, it can be a valuable tool for improving a vessel’s Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI). To take full advantage of it, contact Alfa Laval for support during the design phase.

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High-quality fresh water – the energy-efficient way

AQUA Blue freshwater generators are the energy-efficient choice for producing high-quality fresh water on board. The single-stage AQUA Blue E1 cuts seawater needs and power consumption in half compared to alternative freshwater generation technologies, and the advantages are multiplied in the two stages of the AQUA Blue E2. Together, the AQUA Blue E1 and E2 create numerous possibilities for saving energy and meeting other sustainability goals.

AQUA Blue E2 freshwater generator – how it works

The AQUA Blue E2 freshwater generator applies the 3-in-1 AQUA plate technology in two stages, which multiplies the green benefits. This short animation presents the unit step by step, explaining the process inside.

AQUA technology – a story of innovation

Discover the roots of Alfa Laval’s unique AQUA freshwater generation technology and today’s entire family of AQUA Blue freshwater generators. The AQUA story is one of remarkable efficiency and savings – and it keeps getting better.