The Alfa Laval E-PowerPack uses Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology to convert waste heat into free electrical power, making it a convenient sustainability upgrade with a measurable impact on energy efficiency. Since it runs at the low temperature of engine jacket water, your vessel can generate power continuously – from the very first minute. Adding high-temperature steam heat only increases its output, which means further fuel savings and even faster payback.

Alfa Laval E-PowerPack 200kW

Power your way to energy efficiency

  • Convert your vessel’s waste heat into free electrical power
  • Produce power at all times using low-temperature heat
  • Measurably improve your vessel’s energy efficiency
  • Reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions by burning less fuel
  • Achieve a better Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) and environmental profile

Built on Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology, the E‑PowerPack generates free electricity from both low-temperature and high-temperature heat sources on board. Engine jacket water provides enough heat for it to run, and the power output increases when surplus steam or other heat sources are added. Where steam is readily available, a steam optimization option allows even greater output at high temperatures.

Since the E‑PowerPack reduces auxiliary engine load by up to 30%, it has a significant impact on fuel costs, greenhouse gas emissions and vessel ratings (EEDI/EEXI and CII). The produced electricity is readily available from the grid and constantly measured, which provides clear support for sustainability claims.

A single E‑PowerPack module has a net electrical output of up to 200 kW, and multiple units can be combined to form a larger system.


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With its twin-screw compressor technology, the E‑PowerPack offers long-term reliability and keeps maintenance to a minimum. It provides up to 15 years (or 120,000 hours) of service life before overhaul is needed. From installation and throughout the E‑PowerPack life cycle, Alfa Laval Marine Service experts are ready to support you.

Worldwide and 24/7, Alfa Laval Marine Service is your path to greater uptime, optimized performance and true peace of mind. Our network is always on call, and our service offering brings reliability, efficiency and compliance throughout your equipment's lifetime.

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A measurable contribution to your GHG strategy

By turning waste heat into free electrical power, the E-PowerPack provides a quantifiable boost in energy efficiency. This helps you cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and meet regulatory requirements, giving you a more favourable CII rating and reducing your exposure to carbon taxation. In the process, it safeguards your opportunities, for example by helping you avoid engine power limitation. With the added electricity the E-PowerPack provides, you can even support other energy-saving solutions, such as air lubrication.

A continuous, future-proof source of power

Because only the low-temperature heat of your engine’s jacket water (80°C) is needed for it to run, the E-PowerPack can supply electricity at all times. Whenever high-temperature heat streams are available, it will simply supply even more. This makes the E-PowerPack a sound investment for today and tomorrow. Whether your future fuel choices lead to more steam or less, the E-PowerPack will continue to generate power – and provide significant value.

Steam optimization for increased output

The E-PowerPack can utilize a wide variety of heat streams, ranging from 80°C to 145°C. The standard module can generate power with only low-temperature engine jacket water, which makes all additional heat a bonus. However, the E-PowerPack can also be optimized for greater efficiency in the high-temperature range. Steam optimization requires a certain amount of steam or very hot water for the E-PowerPack to run, but it ensures even more power output if your vessel has a surplus of high-temperature heat.

Alfa Laval E PowerPack 200kW

How the E-PowerPack works – ORC technology

The E-PowerPack uses Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology to turn waste heat into free electrical power. By means of a liquid-gas phase change in an organic fluid, it can generate power from both high-temperature and low-temperature heat sources. Watch the video to understand the process.

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