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The gasketed plate heat exchanger is built for many years of safe operation. One of the ideas behind a plate-and-frame design with gaskets is that it allows for a heat exchanger that is simple to open and close. This is important for inspection and service as well as for adapting the unit to new process conditions. But as too many have discovered first-hand, sometimes opening and retightening the unit is anything but ‘simple’. With the next-generation gasketed plate heat exchangers, we have worked to make the opening and closing of a unit even easier. And that’s just the start. New features make maintenance routines like regasketing and handling of the plates safer and easier than before. The combined result is service that goes faster – keeping the time the unit is out of production to a minimum.

Assembly of Alfa Laval Gasketed plate heat exchanger

Compact frame

The Compact frame feature offers more capacity in a smaller footprint. The smart guiding bar enables a maximum number of plates or cassettes in the frame while keeping the service area requirements down to a minimum. The design enables a faster and safer service which minimizes downtime and reduces maintenance costs.   

Introduced by Alfa Laval expert Kristina

Adjustable feet


ClipGrip™ gaskets offers superior fastening to the plate. Not only do the next-generation gaskets stay in place better than before, but they are also easier to mount in the first place. The unique design prevents snaking of plates at closing and the tangling of new gasket sets. Maintenance of the heat exchanger goes faster, plates and gaskets last longer, and you save money as a result. 

Introduced by Alfa Laval expert Johan

Adjustable feet

T-bar roller

In the next-generation plate heat exchanger, Alfa Laval has replaced the traditional roller function built on top of the carrying bar with a T-bar roller. The pressure plate roller is mounted under the carrying bar, decreasing the height of the heat exchanger and making maintenance simpler and more cost-effective. This design also protects the roller from falling dust and debris, which prevents jamming, minimizes the potential for damage to the frame and ensures easy opening and closing of the unit when required.  

Introduced by Alfa Laval expert Sven

Adjustable feet

Bearing boxes

Alfa Laval’s large and medium model gasketed plate heat exchangers employ tightening bolts with bearing boxes to reduce friction when opening and retightening the unit. This makes it possible for one person to easily and safely service the heat exchanger without the need for special tools. The bearing box thus offers significant advantages over competing solutions designed with a simple nut and washer, where maintenance is laborious, time-consuming and potentially hazardous. 

Introduced by Alfa Laval expert Göran

Adjustable feet