Decanter Performance

Reduce your maintenance cost and prolong your decanter life

Reduce your maintain cost

If you want to gain insights about the actual condition of your decanter and optimize it for the future, you should have a look at the Alfa Laval Condition Audit. Our specialists will analyse the state of your equipment and give you feedback on actions to be taken.

Knowing the condition of your decanter will allow you to:

  • Secure operation
  • Avoid unplanned stops for maintenance/repair
  • Avoid safety issues
  • Optimize maintenance plans

An Alfa Laval Condition Audit should always be considered when any of the following circumstances exist:

  • There is frequent use of abrasive influent
  • The decanter is critical in the process
  • Process conditions change

Alfa Laval Condition Audit provides measurable cost savings in the form of reduced downtime, lower maintenance costs and big energy savings.