Decanter Performance

Calculate how much you can save with planned service maintenance this year

 Calculate how much you can save this year

Your real opportunity to save money starts once your new decanter is in operation. To maximize your equipment’s life cycle and minimize total cost of ownership over time, you need to ensure full reliability and top performance.

Your initial investment represents a very small part of the decanter’s total lifetime cost. Instead, your major costs are related to:

  • Sludge transportation and disposal
  • Power consumption
  • Polymer consumption

Maintaining optimum plant performance while minimizing costs is a challenge. But there is money to be saved. Let our experts do a Performance Audit and use our cost calculator to demo potential savings in the form of reduced energy and polymer use and lower costs for sludge transportation and disposal.

If you want to know more about how to enhance your operations book an onsite Performance Audit. Our certified and experienced engineers inspect your Alfa Laval decanter to optimize performance and reduce operating costs wherever possible.

Want to see an example of how much you can save by investing in the right service solutions?

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