Bio-based chemicals

Product range

All the pieces you need to optimize your bio-based chemical production.

We’re experts at examining the individual aspects of your process with an eye to optimizing the whole. And our wide selection of equipment and engineered solutions provide the right answers to your questions.


Choosing the right equipment

A few important considerations:

  • Is your process based on yeast or bacteria? 
  • How fibrous is your feedstock? 
  • What’s the ratio between liquid and cell? 
  • How will you remove impurities?
  • How much does your steam cost?

Centrifugal separationCentrifugal separation - an ideal option for every process

It’s crucial to the success of your production to matching the right  equipment with the specifics of:

  • Your process
  • Your organism selection
  • Your feedstock
  • Your fermentation medium 

We offer high-speed separators and decanter centrifuges to suit every possible combination of circumstances and requirements.

Centrifugal separation range for bio-based chemical processing

Membrane filtrationMembrane filtration - higher yield and purity, better quality, lower costs

Alfa Laval membranes can be used for filtering out everything from protein molecules to single ions, and are often used in combination with centrifugal separation and thermal evaporation. Our membrane systems help you:

  • Optimise your process
  • Increase yield and purity
  • Lower investment costs

Membrane filtration range for bio-based chemical processing

Heat transferHeat transfer 
– small, efficient, cost effective

Heat exchangers play a role in many aspects of industrial biotechnology including feed preparation, sterilization and fermenter temperature control. Compared to shell-and-tube heat exchangers, our reliable, compact heat exchangers offer:

  • Higher thermal efficiency
  • Easier cleaning 

Heat exchanger range for bio-based chemical production

– complete, optimized systems

  • Compact
  • Flexible – ands it’s easy to increase capacity
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy to maintain
  • Suitable for heat-sensitive products

We can design the system that best answers your needs. 

Evaporation systems for bio-based chemical production

Fluid handling 
– a comprehensive offer

Alfa Laval offers a a wide range of fluid handling equipment for controlling, divering, managing and measuring the movement of fluids in your bio-based chemical production processes.

  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Fittings
  • Tank-cleaning equipment
  • Automation and monitoring

Test equipmentTest equipment 
- let us help you get started

We offer test equipment appropriate for:

  • Pilot plants
  • Demonstration plants

Testing can be carried out on your premises in the industrial environment.  And we partner with you to optimize your processes and profitability when you’re ready to scale up to a full-size commercial plant.