2018-06-13 Product news

Alfa Laval takes centrifugal separation to new levels with UniDisc™

At ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt am Main, 11–15 June, Alfa Laval will unveil its latest innovation for disc stack separators: UniDisc™. This revolutionary new disc technology increases separation capacity by as much as 30%, while simultaneously providing a never-before seen degree of hygiene.

“As a development that’s really about the core of the separator, UniDisc™ represents a truly big step,” says Mikaela Boström Portfolio Manager for Food & Water at Alfa Laval. “Businesses across industries are constantly looking to improve capacity and cleanability, so this will be revolutionary for many, many applications. 

The secret behind UniDisc™ is a patented, new production method from Alfa Laval. Unlike traditional separator discs with caulks that have been welded to the plates, discs with UniDisc™ technology feature micro caulks that are formed during the pressing process. This ensures even, minimal spacing between the discs in the disc stack.

A new level of capacity

By reducing the amount of spacing between each disc, it is possible to fit more discs within the same volume. Increasing the number of discs, in turn, means increased separation area with an improved flow capacity.

“This makes it possible to boost the efficiency of the separator without having to increase the size of the machine,” explains Mikaela Boström. “For some applications, the separation efficiency will be up to 30% higher than possible with traditional, welded-caulk disc designs.”

A new level of hygiene

The micro caulks are integrated into the design of the disc itself. The multitude of small caulks strengthens the disc construction while simultaneously ensuring greater hygienic properties than possible in previous generations of disc stack technology.

“With UniDisc™, cleaning is simpler and easier than before. Operators will have to spend less time and use fewer cleaning materials to clean the unit,” says Mikaela Boström “Time is money, and for most customers, this will mean significant cost savings.”

The Separator Innovator

“Alfa Laval invented the original disc stack separator more than 130 years ago, and we have been striving to reinvent it again and again ever since,” adds Mikaela Boström. “UniDisc™ is the latest example of our commitment to constant innovation that helps our customers achieve new levels of success in their businesses.”

To learn more about UniDisc and see a video illustrating the technical principles, visit www.alfalaval.com/unidisc. For more resources about Alfa Laval’s ongoing advancements in separation technology, visit The Separator Innovator knowledge hub at https://www.alfalaval.com/separatorinnovator.


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