Expand your plant-based drinks production

When expanding an existing production plant for plant-based drinks, it is important to have a broad, lifetime perspective on the investment to achieve a good total ROI over time. In addition to CAPEX and increased production volumes, factors such as costs for maintenance and waste handling, upgrade possibilities, operational flexibility, OPEX, etc. must be evaluated.

Minimize equipment and process cost

With the support of Alfa Laval's team of application experts, you can quickly assess how to minimize CAPEX by upgrading your existing equipment. A good example is the possibility to increase capacity in existing Alfa Laval heat exchangers by simply adding more plates to the frames.

Together with our partnering integrators, we can also advise you on how to minimize costs for tanks, piping and other types of fluid handling equipment by using the most efficient technology available.

Recover more product and manage industrial waste effectively

With increased production volumes come increased amounts of waste in both solid and liquid form. Contact us when you start planning your expansion, and we will be here to support you with advice on how to optimize your production processes for minimal waste, and recommend ways to recover as much value as possible from your waste streams.

Tap into our competence in industrial wastewater treatment. In cooperation with your integrator, we can supply complete treatment plants that can handle any type of wastewater challenge, for example proteins, fats and low pH values.

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Minimize OPEX

When revamping your plant, you have a golden opportunity to implement modern, cost-saving designs. Exchanging old pumps, valves, control systems and tank cleaning equipment for modern technology results in substantial savings in water and energy consumption. It also makes cleaning much more efficient, allowing you to increase uptime and minimize chemicals use.

For example, using positive displacement pumps such as Alfa Laval SRU or DuraCirc, instead of traditional centrifugal pumps for transferring medium-viscous fluids in the extraction and enzymation stages, allows for smaller pump motors and energy savings of up to 70%.

Predictive maintenance through scheduled Service Agreements helps to ensure optimal performance over time and low total cost of ownership.  Our service team is ready to support you with value added services, such as scheduled parts procurement, remote guidance and advanced technical services.

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