Service for Fresh Water Generators

Choosing Alfa Laval as your service partner gives you the full support of our global network of dedicated service experts. We offer a wide range of services spanning the entire lifetime of your fresh water generator, from preventive maintenance and troubleshooting to upgrades, monitoring systems and audits. Our experts train your operators to run and maintain your system in a way that optimizes performance. With our global distribution network we can quickly supply the right spare parts in time. All the above can be combined into an Alfa Laval Service Agreement tailor-made to suit your specific needs. 

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Technical documentation 

Looking for manuals and other technical documentation? Your local Alfa Laval representative can assist you in identifying the correct documentation for your fresh water generator to make sure you get the right materials for your installation. 

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When something goes wrong with your fresh water generator, you need to get to the bottom of it as fast as possible. At Alfa Laval, we have the knowledge and experience to solve major issues before they lead to extensive downtime.

Alfa Laval has a global network of experts who offer help wherever and whenever it is needed. If a problem arises related to your Alfa Laval fresh water generator, our experts will provide support to restore performance and/or prevent a hazardous situation. As well as ensuring that the problem is addressed, they take responsibility for finding the root cause and proposing actions to correct it.

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Online troubleshooting

If your ORCA fresh water generator is challenging you, try out Alfa Laval’s new online troubleshooting tool. Alfa Laval online troubleshooting tool is an easy step by step guide directly in your device that will help you sort out your issues at any time of the day.

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The better your employees know how to use and maintain your Alfa Laval fresh water generator, the better the results you can expect from it. Alfa Laval Training Services for fresh water generators lead to a deeper understanding that can increase uptime and optimize performance.

Through Alfa Laval Training Services, our experts raise the competence levels of your employees, expand their skill sets and motivate them to optimize fresh water generator performance. Our training courses combine product and application basics with service instructions and can include hands-on training exercises. This is especially important when a new fresh water generator is installed, or when an older installation is redesigned.

Fresh water generator digital training

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Spare parts

Your Alfa Laval fresh water generator is an investment in first-class performance. Protecting that investment means ensuring long-term operation, which can only be achieved with high-quality parts designed for reliability and durability. When it comes to spares, there is nothing like genuine spare parts from Alfa Laval.

Alfa Laval maintains an extensive inventory of spare parts to support the current product range. Our global service network can provide them around the clock and around the world, so that you never have to compromise your equipment’s performance.

Genuine Alfa Laval spare parts are the most effective way to avoid performance issues and malfunctions in your fresh water generator. That’s why they are always the most economical choice. Alternatives from other manufacturers  will not offer the same documented performance or quality and safety declarations.

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Service offering

Condition and Performance Audit

Optimizing the maintenance schedule of your fresh water generator is a good way to increase your overall production reliability as well as reduce maintenance costs. With an Alfa Laval Performance Audit, you get the information you need to secure maximum throughput and the highest possible equipment uptime.

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Preventive Maintenance

Alfa Laval has a comprehensive preventive maintenance programme that can be tailored to meet your budget. It is designed to ensure reliability and optimal performance over the lifetime of your equipment. By servicing your equipment only when necessary, you can ensure operational reliability and maintain performance.

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Connected service

Alfa Laval’s Connected Service enables remote support and predictive maintenance of your machine, ensuring reliable uptime, high yield and optimized maintenance intervals. Combined with Alfa Laval’s expert knowledge, you have the vital information you need to ensure outstanding performance for your machine throughout its long lifetime. Learn more about Alfa Laval’s Connected Service.

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Alfa Laval’s connectivity solutions enable its experts to provide customers with remote support which not only saves money but also reduces environmental impact. Read more about a customer in South Australia who opted for remote monitoring of their fresh water generator.

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Talk to a service expert

Never hesitate to contact Alfa Laval if you have any service or support needs. Please reach out to your nearest Alfa Laval contact or fill in the form to the right.