The Alfa Laval AlfaPure range of centrifugal separator systems removes oil, grease and solid particles from water and oil-based liquids. Continuous cleaning increases wash liquid life by 600% and extends coolant life to up to 10 years.

AlfaPure系列高速离心机-AlfaPure series high-speed centrifuge

Reduced machine wear, increased uptime

  • Removes water, abrasive metal fines and other particles as small as 2 μm
  • Plug-and-play module for easy installation
  • No plant redesign required
  • Disc stack technology speeds up the separation process
Alfa Laval AlfaPure reduces tool wear, so you benefit from more precise machining, fewer rejects and a longer service life. It also creates healthier working conditions and reduces your disposal costs. This industrial service fluid cleaning system is normally installed in a bypass system, operating continuously without interrupting machinery operations.