MultiScrubber PM

Easily comply with particulate matter limits using the Alfa Laval MultiScrubber PM. Cost-effective, versatile and highly effective, it is an easy-to-use wet scrubber that reduces particulate matter emissions from flue gases.

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Proven wet scrubber system

  • Reliable, simple and stable wet scrubber
  • Economical solution
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • Standardized scrubber with options to expand
  • Global expertise, local offices with service centres nearby

Effectively reduce particulate matter from flue gases of engines or boiler systems with the Alfa Laval MultiScrubber PM. Economical and easy to install, operate and maintain, it is also up to four times more compact than other technologies, providing significant cost savings.

Proven and reliable, this space-saving wet scrubber is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Ideal for use in new and existing plants, it helps plants comply with emissions limits and contributes to more sustainable operations.


Alfa Laval MultiScrubber PM

Proven technology

Alfa Laval wet scrubber technology is operational in more than 500 installations worldwide. All Alfa Laval wet scrubbers installed more than a decade ago are still in use today.


The MultiScrubber PM is made of high-quality stainless steel. Tough enough to use in many applications and aggressive chloride-bearing media. It provides maximum resistance to corrosion.

Three-in-one, future-proof scrubber

Reduce particulate matter today – and SOx emissions and visible plume tomorrow. The modular MultiScrubber PM provides a low-cost migration path to additional functionality.

  • SOx reduction. For fast return on investment, simply add the optional Alfa Laval deSOx module to reduce emissions of sulphur oxides using an alkaline additive.
  • Plume reduction or removal. The optional Alfa Laval Deplume module effectively reduces or eliminates visible plume.

How it works

The Alfa Laval MultiScrubber PM minimizes particulate matter emissions. The flue gas stream with particulate matter from an engine or boiler enters the scrubber through the inlet at the bottom. The jet water sprayers disperse water to capture particles in the lower section of the scrubber.

As the gas continues to rise, it passes through filling material and absorber water sprayers removing the majority of particles from the flue gas. Before the treated gas exits the scrubber at the top, a demister recovers as much water from the gas as possible.

Water containing particulate matter flows down through the scrubber to the water outlet at the bottom of the unit. It collects in a settling tank where particles sink to the tank bottom due to the force of gravity. Sludge that forms at the bottom of the tank is periodically removed for disposal or dewatering.

Dewatering can be accomplished in various ways, for example, using an Alfa Laval decanter. A water analyzer can ensure that recirculated water meets the criteria for process reuse before being reintroduced into the scrubber.