Revos concentration system

Alfa Laval Revos ™ concentration system uses high-pressure, low-temperature reverse-osmosis technology to remove water from beer, wine and cider after fermentation to produce a quality concentrate with up to 22% alcohol by volume (ABV). When rehydrated it has the same taste, aroma and alcohol content as the original product. It also removes alcohol and water, producing non-alcoholic beer concentrates and a clean ethanol-water by-product for use as a base for hard seltzer and other beverages.


Compact, economical and energy-efficient beer and beverage concentration system

  • Up to 65% lower transport costs due to reduced concentrate shipping volumes for rehydration at bulk packaging facilities or at points of sale
  • Save valuable floor space at the point of sale, such as bars and restaurants, by rehydrating concentrate only at the time of serving
  • Preserve the flavour profile, aroma and alcohol content of the original beer or beverage due to low-temperature, patented two-pass processing
  • Highly versatile system for beer and beverage concentration with options for dealcoholization, dearomatization and production of neutral malt bases

Increase beer and beverage stability while reducing distribution and shipping costs with the Alfa Laval Revos concentration system.

The Revos concentration module is a two-pass high-pressure, low temperature reverse osmosis system, capable of concentrating alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine and cider. The product is chilled, and, in the first pass, pumped across proprietary spiral-wound membranes. At high pressure, water permeates through the membranes, concentrating the product while retaining up 22% alcohol by volume.  Proteins, sugars, aromas are retained in the beer and beverage concentrate due to the tight pore structure of the membranes. The second pass allows for the recovery and retention of alcohol and aromas that escaped during the first pass of concentration.



Pilot testing and rentals of beer concentration systems

Pilot testing and rentals of beer concentration systems

Test the Alfa Laval Revos concentration system and Re-draft system to determine whether these systems meet your requirements. Send up to 10 hl of your product to the Alfa Laval Revos Innovation Centre in Denmark for onsite testing and performance analysis. A Re-draft system is available for demonstration and testing to rehydrate the concentrate produced.

Alternatively, you can rent a Re-draft system and conduct trials reconstituting your beer concentrate at your facility or in a commercial setting.


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