The Alfa Laval CDEW is starting the phase down plan and is replaced by the Alfa Laval CRF product line. The Alfa Laval CDEW with low fouling tubes is still available for ordering from Alfa Laval Satara (India).

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The Alfa Laval CDEW and CDEW-E series are used in applications where cooling water source can be a cooling tower, dry cooler, a well, river, lake or an industrial process. Standard models fulfill condensation capacities ranging from 60 to 1680 kW.

Alfa Laval CDEW series – optimized for R407C refrigerant

When high performance is a must the Alfa Laval CDEW series is  optimized for HFC R407C. This refrigerant is particularly affected by glide. This phenomenon can be relevant during the condensing phase, as it causes losses in performance if standard condensers are used which are designed to operate with azeotrop refrigerant.
The special design and sizing of the Alfa Laval CDEW condenser ensures the highest performance when using R407C refrigerant.

Alfa Laval CDEW-E series – for the use of R134a refrigerant

When it comes to high efficiency, the Alfa Laval CDEW-E series contributes to energy savings and is optimized for the use of R134a refrigerant.
R134a refrigerant is getting used more frequently in cooling systems, as it saves energy and assures important advantages in comparison with conventional systems.