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Every manufacturer claims to be ‘the leader’ in their field of technology. But when it comes to welded spiral heat exchangers, only Alfa Laval offers you 6 decades of proven performance. More than 30,000 Alfa Laval spiral units still provide reliable operation all over the world today. It’s easy to see why. No other supplier combines our innovation capabilities and unmatched process knowledge with global support from service experts. We have been here for nearly 140 years, and you can be sure we’ll be there whenever and wherever you need us.

Anybody can call themselves a leader, but remember: numbers don’t lie.

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The market’s most trusted spiral heat exchanger

Alfa Laval has been developing, manufacturing and installing welded spiral heat transfer heat exchangers since 1962. That’s decades longer than the other players on the market today. Over 30,000 of our spiral heat exchangers are still in operation – more than all other suppliers combined.

What does that mean for you? It means that with Alfa Laval, you get a partner with experience. Yes, we understand this technology. But more importantly, years of working closely with our customers has given us a deep understanding of process duties and the heat exchange challenges you face. We can connect you with an optimized solution for virtually any application, including:

  • Duties throughout the hydrocarbon chain
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Steel production
  • Mining
  • Pulp and paper
  • And much more

Unique innovations based on 60 years of expertise

Experience is just the start. Alfa Laval also has the market’s most expansive R&D capabilities for welded heat exchangers. Combined, our engineering and research personnel outnumber the total employees in Europe’s other spiral heat exchanger providers. 

This gives you access to unique technologies that you won’t find on other types of spiral heat exchangers. With knowledge we have gained from decades of work in diverse thermal applications, our experts have developed innovative features that ensure the highest levels of reliability and thermal efficiency. Learn about some of the designs that set Alfa Laval’s heat exchangers apart:

Alfa Laval welded spirals with SelfClean

Superior cleaning and extended performance

A single channel for each fluid ensures reliable self-cleaning of the unit.

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Alfa Laval welded spirals with RollWeld

Automated, reliable channel enclosure

An automated bending and welding process for the closure of each channel ensures consistent quality and reliability.

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Alfa Laval welded spirals with HighP

A custom solution for high-pressure duties

Circular shell design and a self-supporting internal coil improves mechanical strength under high pressure.

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Truly global support from a truly global partner

When your business needs help, who do you want at your side? Alfa Laval is the only supplier of spiral heat exchangers that backs them up with our own, truly global service network. Unlike other manufacturers that rely on subcontractors and third-party generalists, Alfa Laval provides you with specially trained service engineers. So, you can always count on support tailored to your equipment and your application. 

We have a local presence in over 55 countries, with our own workshops and knowledgeable service professionals at your disposal when and where you need them. It’s all about ensuring you always get the most from your spiral heat exchanger throughout its long lifecycle. 

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You’re never far from your new spiral heat exchanger

Alfa Laval has three production facilities for spiral heat exchangers in strategic locations around the globe. When the time comes for new equipment, you can count on our global supply chain to meet your project schedule. 

With a total production capacity that dwarfs the combined capabilities of the market’s other players, we also have the proven experience to ensure a delivery you can count on. Lead time is of course important, but it’s equally important that your spiral heat exchanger meets your particular specifications. Thanks to our experience with a vast range of industrial customers, we have the know-how to deliver according to your needs. 

A new spiral heat exchanger is no small commitment. As your partner we make sure your installation always arrives on spec – and on time.


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