Customer stories

Emergency stock keeps downtime to a minimum

Alfa Laval works closely with a European leader in high-quality bitumen products. The company’s main refinery operates continuously for eleven months out of the year, with one month set aside for planned maintenance. Equipment reliability is therefore a top concern, and the refinery depends on their service providers to minimize any eventuality of an unplanned stop. When the customer encountered a challenge with one of their heat exchangers, Alfa Laval quickly got them up and running again thanks to the expertise of our local field service technicians in combination with our unique Emergency Stock programme.


Smart maintenance planning for proactive uptime

Alfa Laval works closely with an Arabian customer who produces oil and natural gas through a series of giant offshore platforms. The customer’s operation is complex and includes processing, storing and exporting extracted hydrocarbons. Securing high uptime is therefore critical, but that complexity and the remote location of their facilities also create challenges for routine equipment maintenance.

oil rig in sunset