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Insights - Gasketed plate heat exchangers

You need to put quality and reliability in an economic context. It’s about how to make processes more efficient, while saving energy. About how optimized performance gives you the best operating economy. And about how to minimize impact on the environment and climate change. Above all it is tackling the need to build long life into equipment to minimize total cost of ownership and maximize profitability. Why governs how. These are the insights we use to build our gasketed plate heat exchangers. Take a closer look behind the surface. There’s more to see than what meets the eye – actually there’s a whole story to tell.

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Just looking at the outside isn’t enough. There’s so much more inside. Step into a different dimension. Where every little bit of engineering skill is connected in a much larger context.

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Products in focus


Alfa Laval BaseLine is the standard range of heat exchangers used in dairy, food, beverage and other hygienic applications.


Alfa Laval FrontLine is the premium range of heat exchangers used in dairy, food, beverage and other hygienic application.

Industrial line

Alfa Laval Industrial line is an extremely wide range of gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchangers used in all types of industries.

Industrial semi-welded line

Alfa Laval Industrial semi-welded line is used when gaskets are not suitable for one of the process media.