Tank covers

Keep your tank in top operating condition with Alfa Laval tank covers. Customize your manway covers for quick, easy and convenient entry and egress to tank interiors for inspection, cleaning or maintenance. A variety of shapes, sizes, materials, finishes, seals, and mounting and opening options make these ideal for use across the dairy, food and beverage, and biotech and pharmaceutical industries.


Broad range of manway covers for virtually any tank process requirement

  • Easy access to the interior of non-pressure and pressure vessels or storage tanks for inspection, cleaning and maintenance
  • Hygienic, easy-to-clean design compliant with 3-A Sanitary Standards. All gaskets are suitable for food contact according to the US FDA
  • Secure tanks covers in open position for safe access to the tank interior with options such as springs on the handles, safety grid or safety levers
  • Versatile manway range to cover all tank openings, inwards, outwards or sideways, and top or side mounting requirements
  • Easy access to spare parts at Alfa Laval global distribution centres

Let Alfa Laval tank covers provide a closeable means of access to the interiors of high-, low- or non-pressure tanks in hygienic applications. Situated above or below the liquid level, these inspection ports securely fit tank openings. These tank manways and manhole covers allow personnel to inspect, with or without entering the tank, and to enter, clean and maintain the tank.

Choose from a broad range of shapes, sizes, pressures, openings, cover material, surface finish, gasket type and material, and mounting position. Optional tank accessories, such as safety levers, spring assist, relief valves, sight glasses, light fittings, tank legs and base plate, are available.

Using the Cadenas drawing database, design engineers can easily find tank covers that meet customer process requirements.


How does hygienic tank covers work?

Unlock the tank cover or manway by turning the handle. Depending upon the model, swing the manway cover inwards, outwards or sideways to access the tank. Use the optional spring assist to open the cover and the optional safety lever to secure the lid. To close the cover, reposition the safety lever in its storage place and use the optional spring assist to close the cover. Turn the handle to secure the cover onto the opening and lock it into closed position.



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Close at hand catalogue about tank equipment

At your fingertips: Alfa Laval hygienic tank cleaning equipment to ensure fast, effective cleaning cycles that save energy and water. Our ‘Close at hand’ catalogue details everything you need for high cleaning efficiency with static spray balls, rotary spray heads and rotary jet heads. What you get is increased safety, more uptime, and greater productivity.

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Services for Hygienic Tank Equipment

Get more out of your hygienic processing lines. Keep your Alfa Laval tank cleaning machines in top operating condition through services that extend the lifetime of your static spray balls, rotary spray heads and rotary jet heads. Let our global service network and local service experts optimize performance and provide you with total peace of mind.

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Grow your business. Optimize your fluid handling systems – sustainably

Make your processes more efficient and more sustainable while achieving regulatory compliance and ensuring your business thrives. With Sustainable Optimization from Alfa Laval, you can save up to 80% in energy savings as well as 90% in water savings and cleaning media, while minimizing waste. Good for people. Good for planet. Good for profitability.

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Bring your sustainability strategy to life

Get more energy and water savings and reduce emissions from your hygienic processing lines. Our monthly newsletter, near, brings you stories about how Alfa Laval can support you in improving environmental performance across the dairy, food, beverage, home-personal care and pharmaceutical industries. What’s good for people and planet is good for your business too.