i65 S

The Gunclean Toftejorg i65 S is a fully programmable single-nozzle tank cleaning machine equipped with an innovative hysteresis clutch.

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The Gunclean Toftejorg i65 S unit is part of a comprehensive range of Alfa Laval equipment for keeping the insides of tanks and storage holds clean. This particular model is specially designed to tackle the most challenging fixed-installation tank cleaning duties aboard chemical carriers, product carriers and bulk carriers, as well as in tanks used on offshore installations.

The Gunclean Toftejorg i65 S is the first tank cleaning machine on the market to feature a hysteresis clutch with built-in speed adjustment. This innovative construction is a substantial improvement over standard magnetic clutches, because it eliminates the slippage and false starts often associated with magnetic clutches as well as the leakage risks that stem from the need for a separate speed adjustment shaft.

The combination of design features that provide better power transmission and less friction, fewer wearing parts and the extensive use of high-durability materials (including advanced ceramics) together makes the Gunclean Toftejorg i65 S an excellent solution for the reliable, cost-effective cleaning of shipboard tanks and holds.

The range of i-65:

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How it works

In this range of tank cleaning equipment, a flow of cleaning media is used to drive a turbine connected to the gear unit. This then drives the cleaning head horizontally while the nozzle moves vertically, directing the jet of cleaning media in a helical pattern on the inside of the tank, for maximum coverage. Both pitch angle and rotation speed can be adjusted during operation, making it easy to adjust the cleaning cycle to match specific tank cleaning assignments.

Use of a hysteresis clutch on the Gunclean Toftejorg i65 S means there is no need for the conventional configuration with a speed adjustment shaft at the turbine. This does away with shaft penetration at this key point, eliminating a key location for potential seal leaks and cross-contamination problems.

The unique clutch used on this model compromises six strong magnets and a hysteresis plate. Unlike a standard magnetic clutch in which two opposing magnets must be synchronized, this type does not suffer from slippage, thus eliminating false starts. The clutch also works as a soft starter, making sure the tank cleaning machine always begins operating as intended.

Simply varying the distance between the magnets and the hysteresis plate adjusts the speed at which the nozzle moves. This adjustment takes place from above deck, without needing to alter the flow of cleaning media that powers the turbine.