Instrument Programmer

The instrument programmer is the dedicated configuring tool for a wide range of Alfa Laval instruments: level switch, pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter and conductivity transmitter.

Alfa Lavel FlexProgrammer 640x360

Advanced and customized operation

Process instrumentation gets more and more advanced, and the applications that our customers need to solve, gets more and more demanding. You are able to solve more applications with less different instrument, as you are able to adjust the range of the Alfa Laval instrument range and have less variants on stock.

The following instruments can be programmed with the Alfa Laval Instrument Programmer:

Unlocking new instrument features
With the programming tool you gain more access to instrument features:

  • You can optimize the 4 to 20 mA output and fit the precise measurement range needed
  • Gives the possibility to compensate for calibrated measurement
  • Can do online measurement of the temperature or pressure value onsite without any electrical power connected
  •  Show tag numbers on display
  •  Using with level switch it is easy to change the switching point and thereby easy to program the level switch to specific media, for example to liquid, foam or both
  • Using with the conductivity transmitter you can measure concentration of a media
  • Using with the pressure transmitter the transmitter can also compensate for conical shaped tanks when mounted in the bottom

Product benefits

  • Customizable measurement
  • Unlocks instrument features
  • Easy diagnostics and evaluation

How it works


The software is based on FDT-container technology where each instrument is having a DTM based software driver. The stand-alone all-in-one software package named Alfa Laval Instrument Programmer with integrated help menus is easily installed and operated. In case a customer prefers to use an FDT-container software all the DTM´s can be run by this software. The selected configuration can be stored under a file name determined by the user. A print facility is available for hard copy records.

The »measure« function in the Programmer makes it easy for the user to monitor events in a test circuit

CAD portal

Download the product models in Neutral or Native CAD file formats. It is also possible to download 3D PDF files.

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