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Alfa Laval Flow Meter provides accurate measurement of feed, permeate, retentate and diawater flows in membrane filtration modules and plants for a wide range of hygienic industries.

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Accurate flow measurement

Alfa Laval flow meters are hygienic flow measuring instruments that enable accurate detection of liquid levels in membrane filtration modules and plants. Easy-to-read scales located in front of the tubes provide excellent visibility of the indicating floats.

Hygienic flow meter design

Alfa Laval flow meters feature a precision-machined tapered glass metering tube with a smooth surface. All materials comply with US Food and Drug Administration regulations, and all product-wetted parts are made of AISI 316L stainless steel and polysulphone. The flow meters are designed to withstand process temperatures between 0 and +100°C (+32 and 212°F).

Flow meter range

Alfa Laval flow meters are available in four nominal diameters, covering flow ranges from 60 l/h up to 20,000 l/h (16 – 5,283 U.S. gal/h) and pressures up to 16 bar (232 psi).

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Product Benefits

  • Hygienic flow measuring instruments
  • Hygienic flow meter design
  • Flow meter range

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How it works


The Alfa Laval flow meter consists of a vertically oriented tapered glass metering tube with a larger end at the top and a metering float that is free to move within the tube.

Operating principle

A metering float rises in the tube in proportion to the fluid flow. The height of the float is an indication of the flow rate, and readings are taken from the scale on the metering tube. The scale indicates the fluid flow as a percentage of maximum flow (100% = max. flow). Different metering floats may be used within the same flow meter, thus making it possible to use the flow meter to measure several different flow ranges.