Seeing is understanding

For most of us, getting important information through video is as is natural as reading it. Written technical manuals will always be the primary reference, but seeing and hearing as well can make things easier to absorb and remember. Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 how-to videos make it simpler for crews to get it right.

Make it easier for crews with video

Anything that simplifies life on board is good news for your crew. That’s why we’ve created the PureBallast 3 how-to video series, comprising around 30 short videos that complement the written instructions in the system manual. The videos cover the most important PureBallast 3 operations, showing exactly how installation and maintenance should be carried out.

The videos can be integrated into your vessel’s Learning Management System (LMS) and used in all sorts of situations – from the training room to the engine room. Not only can they help in understanding the steps described in the manual, the videos can provide a visual reference when performing them.


Have a quick look yourself

PureBallast 3 how-to videos are presented in English with a variety of language subtitles to choose from. Below are three samples (English only) that show how easy the videos can make life for your engineers and crews.

Replacing a UV lamp

Learn how to remove a UV lamp from the reactor and install a new one.


Draining and filling a UV reactor

Learn how to use the valves and pump to empty and refill a UV reactor. 


Exporting log files

Learn how to save events and alarm history on a USB memory stick.


Contact us to learn more

The full series of PureBallast 3 how-to videos is available to all existing PureBallast 3 customers. If you’d like to know how to access the videos, please contact your Alfa Laval representative.

If you aren’t yet a PureBallast 3 customer but would like to know more, fill in the form and one of our experts will be in touch soon.

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