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Cookies used on this site

What is Alfa Laval using cookies for?

The ALFA LAVAL Group uses cookies to gather visitor statistics and to record information about your preferences as you navigate through the web sites. In this way, we hope to be able to better target relevant information to our visitors. 

Cookies used by this website

The list below specifies which cookies are used and the purpose of each cookie.

  • Google Analytics - used to track user behaviour and website performance. Google Analytics use information such as your IP address, browser type and unique identifiers stored in (first party) cookies on your device to record how you interact with our website.
  • Apsis lead - We use the service APSIS Lead to identify businesses for future B2B relationships. APSIS Lead use information such as your IP address and unique identifiers stored in (first/third party) cookies on your device for the purpose of identifying your business/employer. 

All cookies are stored for two years. Google analytics is shared with third party.

How do you block and/or delete cookies?

If you do not accept the ALFA LAVAL Group's use of cookies on our web site, it is possible for you to configure your browser to reject cookies by modifying your browser settings. However, this means that not all functions of our web site will function as intended.

Most web browsers have standard settings that accept usage of cookies. You can change these settings to either warn for or block cookies. You can also choose to delete all cookies that are stored on your computer.

Information about how you delete cookies or change the settings for cookies is found in your web browser instructions.

Changes and questions

Alfa Laval might update this policy without prior notice. The date when this policy was last updated is specified at the end of this policy.
If you have any questions regarding this policy or our usage of cookies, please contact us via email:

This policy was last updated June 16, 2016.