Decanter Performance

5 000 service engineers stand ready to support you

5000 service engineers stand ready to support you

With the knowledge, skills and support of Alfa Laval’s 5 000 service engineers worldwide, you can truly rely on your equipment.

  • Our committed team secures performance throughout your decanter’s life cycle.
  • Our genuine spare parts are available 24/7 worldwide, with full traceability, through a global service network of eight major Alfa Laval distribution centres.
  • We maintain an extensive inventory of spare parts that support the current product and guarantee availability 10 years after the product becomes obsolete.

To ensure top performance, at a cost you can predict, sign our Performance Agreement. It is the perfect complement to your Alfa Laval equipment.

A Performance Agreement gives you true peace of mind and full control over your service budget, high efficiency, maximum return on investment and top performance – now and in the future.