Lean ethylene production

The special Energy Task Force Team at Rayong Olefins, in Thailand, cooperated with Alfa Laval to find new opportunities to cut energy costs. The first step was to install a Compabloc 120 heat exchanger to increase heat recovery from a cooling water stream.This led to an annual saving of 1.4 million euros in energy costs. The payback time, including costs for installation, was less than six months.

DATE 2023-11-28

By installing the Compabloc 120 in series with the existing shell-and-tube, heat recovery increased by 5.5 MW. As a result, the boiler feedwater has a higher temperature when entering the deaerator and the amount of heat that needs to be added for the oxygen to be released from the water is therefore much lower.

Aromatic Section Manager Wirasak Sonamthiang says team consumption in the deaerator dropped by 43%, from 35 tonnes/hour to 20 tonnes/hour after installing the Compabloc 120.

Alfa Laval Compabloc heat exchangerThe compact, fully welded Compabloc heat exchanger is designed to operate with a wide range of aggressive media and at high temperatures and pressures. 

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Customer's voice

We are also very pleased with the compact size and small footprint of the Compabloc.

Wirasak Sonamthiang, Aromatic Section Manager