South Korean customer savings of 66,000 euro/year with turning off chiller for three months a year

Alfa Laval distributor TSC in South Korea is a company that was set up in 2019 in the business of supplying complete turnkey solutions and products such as gasketed plate heat exchangers sales and service with Alfa Laval. The main customer group are industrial process and manufacturing industries.

DATE 2024-07-02

TSC an authorised Energy Hunter Partner, has been successful in supplying the chiller turn off system for a 500 RT chiller, with an Alfa Laval T25P-FM gasketed plate heat exchanger.

The system operates manually, with the operator changing the valves due to long winter days that are quite stable. The installation is located at a leading pharmaceutical company; Chong Kun Dang plant in Cheon-An South Korea producing infusions, solids, anticancer drugs, eye drops, and antibiotics.



The gasketed plate heat exchanger has been designed with three months operation in winter, without chiller condenser protection, providing 1°C warmer than cooling tower water to the process. Thereby turning the chiller off completely those three months of the year.

TSC provides technology transformation and various solutions listening to the customers, aim to solve their problems, and provide solutions. In addition, we are focusing on process optimization through product replacement, and recently we are focusing on energy savings.

Mr. JaeHun Lee, TSC owner manager

The investment was quite low as the system functions manually, however in only the first two weeks of operation in winter, the savings were seen to be 5,500 euro in electricity costs. The investment was highly appreciated with the economic downturn and the demand for energy savings growing. The return on investment was calculated at under one year with the estimated savings of 66,000 euro/year.

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Customer feedback

We are very happy with Alfa Laval’s solutions in the current environment of increasing energy costs. ROI (return on investment) payback period is as expected.
TSC case summer station
TSC case winter station

PRODUCT - Benefits of an Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger

Alfa Laval Industrial Line

  • High energy efficiency
  • Flexible – configurable for broad range of applications
  • Ensures optimal performance in specific applications base on specific needs
  • Easy to install
  • High serviceability

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