2015-07-22 Product news

Alfa Laval Abatigo PR

The next generation in efficient cooling, Alfa Laval Abatigo, is optimized to deliver long-term savings in water, energy, chemicals and maintenance time.

With energy and water becoming very precious resources, applications in heat rejection are facing increasing challenges to achieve both economical and ecological sustainability. Customers in various industries are on the search for alternatives to open cooling towers due to the the high water consumption and treatment required, as well as risks of Legionella contamination.

While dry coolers might seem like a perfect solution for most applications, certain limitations appear when it comes to some specific duties with a narrow temperature approach and challenging climates. This is why Alfa Laval is now introducing the latest in adiabatic technology – Alfa Laval Abatigo.

Alfa Laval Abatigo utilizes a unique method of cooling by spraying a fine mist of water to cool the air before it enters the heat exchanger coil. This significantly reduces energy and water consumption, and is highly adaptable to different applications and climates. The closed adiabatic chamber prevents any water drift to the heat exchangers, keeping them completely dry – preventing scaling, erosion, and dangerous waterborne diseases.

Benefits at a glance:
 Up to 95% reduction in water consumption vs. cooling tower
– No water treatment required for adiabatic system
– Perfect water temperature through precise controls that continuously adjust fans and adiabatic chamber activation as needed
– Maximized uptime thanks to scale-free operation, durable construction, and safer acrylic-coated heat exchanger
 Up to 95% lower energy consumption vs. air-cooled central chiller
– Maximum capacity, low footprint compared to dry coolers

The Alfa Laval Abatigo design is optimized using a modular concept, which means that 1–20 fans per unit can be arranged in single or double row configurations, depending on the capacity need and available space. EC fans ensure close temperature control and energy consumption based on actual load conditions. Fans come with exhaust diffusers for increased energy efficiency.

In addition, with every unit of Alfa Laval Abatigo, Alfa Laval offers a comprehensive portfolio of services including monitoring, smooth and safe start-up, and maintenance services. Our global sales channels and service engineers ensure timely and reliable support, no matter where and when.


For further information contact:
Kari Salonen, Market and Business Support Manager HVAC & Refrigeration
Alfa Laval Vantaa Oy, Finland
+358 40 540 33 85

Klaudija Cavala, Central Market Communication Manager, Industrial Equipment Segment
Alfa Laval Lund AB, Lund, Sweden
+46 46 36 77 57

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