2022-05-24 Product news

Standards and guidelines for heat exchangers in pharmaceutical water systems

In this on-demand webinar, our pharma experts will show you how you will have peace of mind with choosing the right and safe equipment.


Watch the webinar to get insights about:
• what different standards and guidelines, US FDA, ISPE, ASME BPE, say about heat exchangers for use in pharmaceutical grade water systems
• how Alfa Laval utilizes and sometimes goes beyond that guidance when designing and manufacturing heat exchangers for pharmaceutical water systems
• Alfa Laval's Pharma-line product portfolio including Pharma-line shell and tube series and our new point of use cooler, Pharma-line Point of Use



Per-Åke Olsson - Global Industry Manager for Pharma & Biotech 
Amir Jahangiri -  Global Product Manager for Pharma & Biotech Heat Exchangers

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