Water intake

To secure fresh water intake to your process, different types of treatment can be needed. Some of these also generate a waste stream. Alfa Laval offers a number of solutions to help you deal with this in an efficient and sustainable way. Examples include water for cooling towers, process water preparation and treatment of waste from reverse osmosis.

Our solutions for water intake and waste treatment include, among others:

  • Cooling tower water preparation:  When using surface water from rivers, lakes etc. the Alfa Laval AS-H Iso-Disc Cloth Media Filter is ideal for polishing of surface water by removing particles to a final water quality down to 5-10 ┬Ám. It can handle up to 10-15 m3/h/m2 filtration area.
  • Waste treatment from reverse osmosis processes: Alfa Laval ALDEC G3 decanters and eveaporation systems can be used to separate or concentrate the waste to reduce the amount of waste for disposal.

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