Meat and poultry processing

Meat and poultry products are processed with our components and modules all over the world. They enable effective recovery of revenue-generating by-products like blood, bones, DAF skimmings (dissolved air flotation), edible fats, gelatine, animal foods, biofuels and more.

Meat and poultry processing

Systems, modules or equipment

Alfa Laval can provide you with the full spectrum of capabilities, ranging from complete processing installations to pre-engineered modules and individual items of specialist equipment. These can help you improve your key operating parameters for processing bone, skimmings, blood and blood plasma, fats and oils, gelatine, MDM and edible protein components.

You can also make use of Alfa Laval’s unparalleled practical know-how and experience to help extend, improve and fine-tune your entire meat or poultry processing line.

New opportunities

Meat and poultry processing operations usually result in a range of different by-products as well as “leftovers”. Many are normally turned into meat, blood and bone meals used as commodity products or as components in animal feed.

However, there is now a growing worldwide awareness that such leftovers and other materials previously considered waste or as of low value can instead be a rich source of high-value edible proteins with a wide range of attractive uses and considerable commercial potential. Alfa Laval is a pioneer in this high-growth field.

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