Many palm oil producers have extensive untapped resources in the form of under-exploited feed stock. Adding efficient fats modification processes can open new doors for producers to offer more products, harvest greater revenue and strengthens your company’s capability to deal with the effects of seasonal demand and market fluctuations. Alfa Laval provides several complete flexible solutions for fats modification.


Consists of gently cooling oil or fats in an accurately controlled process, making it possible to crystallize the hard fat content. This can be achieved with absolutely no chemical modification, making this the “natural” way to product hard fats.


Hydrogenation raises the melting point of oils and fats, and improves a range of other properties, including taste and keeping qualities. This is done by altering the molecular structure of the oils and fats and turning them into hard fats.


A specially designed catalyst handling system is involved in the Alfa Laval interesterification equipment used in fats modification processes. And due to the design of the components and the rigorous specifications used, it helps keeps the consumption of energy and other utilities to a minimum, resulting in lower operating costs. Alfa Laval provides both chemical and enzymatic options for this application.

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