Coffee and tea production

Coffee and tea are booming in popularity throughout the world. Meeting this escalating demand for new convenience products – in forms such as ready-to-drink beverages, iced mixes and quick-soluble products – results in almost countless commercial opportunities. Crucial for production of ready-to-drink coffee and tea products is hygienic separation of liquids from solids, which is just one of the processes for which Alfa Laval equipment is particularly well suited.

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Alfa Laval products and solutions make it easy to transform traditional tea and coffee drinks into mass-market convenience products in ways that retain the flavour, natural aromas and the many other delicate components that ensure product taste, quality and uniqueness.

Alfa Laval systems most frequently used in manufacturing tea and coffee products include:

  • AlfaNova and Compabloc heat exchangers for producing superheated water
  • Foodec decanter centrifuges for dewatering spent grounds and recovering tea/coffee extract
  • Clara disc stack centrifuges for clarifying tea/coffee extract
  • Plate heat exchangers for a wide range of heating/cooling duties
  • ViscoLine tubular heat exchangers for heating/cooling
  • Contherm scraped-surface heat exchangers for freezing high-viscosity liquids
  • Reverse osmosis membrane filtration systems for preliminary concentration of tea/coffee extract
  • AlfaVap cassette evaporators for concentrating tea/coffee extract
  • Bag-in-box aseptic fillers for RTD beverages and extracts widely used in food service distribution.

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