The future lies in ethanol, biodiesel and fuels from renewable sources (such as grain, seeds and cellulose) as well as by-products or waste from other industries. Alfa Laval provides heat exchangers, decanter centrifuges, reboilers and evaporators that maximize efficiency in all phases of biofuel production, from heating and cooling to mixing and separation. In addition, Alfa Laval provides complete pre-fabricated biodiesel plants.

Technologies that promote the more efficient and responsible use of energy and the recovery of by-products are vital for the cost-effective production of ethanol and biodiesel.

These exact technologies are central for Alfa Laval. We are the experts you can rely on for technically innovative heat transfer and separation solutions for fuel ethanol and biodiesel processing, as well as biodiesel plants.

Boost profits - recycle your energy

Investments in waste heat recovery are often very profitable. Payback periods are typically less than a year.

Waste heat recovery

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