For suppliers

Alfa Laval offers enormous possibilities for production related purchasing. We have around 40 production sites and distribution centres in Europe, Asia and the Americas with a total purchasing volume of more than 1,000 MEUR.

We offer one point of contact to our chosen suppliers, opening up possibilities to sell very large volumes globally. We bring you the chance of regular and growing business, built from a wide range of customer segments.

Explore business opportunities

handshakeWe want to develop relations with our current and potential new suppliers to find the right competitive partners for the future.

In order to find the right, competitive partners for the future we are interested in developing relations and business with existing and potential new suppliers.

Developing together

Having a contract with Alfa Laval involves a common process development towards common objectives, with a continuous evaluation of performance. Good results open up the possibility for additional assortments and growth. The Supplier of the Year Award has been established to recognize the best global performance based on cost development, deliveries, quality, lead times, volume increase, flexibility and communication.

Our expectations

Based on agreed upon plans and activities, Alfa Laval’s expectations on our suppliers are...

  • cooperation to reach continuous quality improvement in the spirit of ISO 9001 and in accordance with an agreed progress plan.
  • cooperation to continuously cut lead times and increase flexibility based on an agreed upon plan.
  • co-operation to continuously decrease total costs based on a common objective and an agreed upon progress plan. Our aim is to always be better than inflation.
  • promotion of capacity, functions and modules on a global basis instead of items on a local basis.
  • Alfa Laval is to be a major customer, representing 15 – 35% of the supplier's turnover.
  • that Alfa Laval documents and developed procedures and techniques shall in no way at all may be disclosed to a third party.
  • commitment to co-operate in initiating actions in case of a catastrophe.
  • open communication to continuously cover general information regarding the health of the businesses.
  • willingness to take action to always be on the cutting edge of technology for products supplied to Alfa Laval and committed to use that knowledge within Alfa Laval’s product development projects.
  • accept and adapt Alfa Laval’s Business Principles as a guideline for a fruitful cooperation. This includes the supplier:
  • being able to continuously guarantee that the work force and employees that are utilised are working under acceptable. conditions and in adherence to all local roles and regulations
  • having a basic system to keep track of environmental impact and improvements.


We have six global commodity groups

  • Metals
  • Castings and Forgings
  • Machining, Forming and Fabrications
  • Electrical Instrumentation and Flow items
  • Seals, Fasteners and Transmissions
  • Indirect Material

We offer you a single point of contact to a global marketplace.