Alfa Laval in South East Asia

A vital part of global excellence

Alfa Laval has been established in South East Asia since 1969, starting with its first sales office in Malaysia. In the following decades, Alfa Laval has worked hard in growing an organization that is both close to you, and has a strong grasp of the local market to support you in achieving your business goals. Our sales and service presence today covers Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh). 

South East Asia has come a long way and we now see rising global trends in food, transport, energy and environment. The growing middle class is creating a huge demand for safe, processed foods; environmental legislations imposing increasingly stringent requirements with respect to emissions to air and water; the search for sustainable methods of energy production due to growing energy needs; and international trade creating a need for more efficient marine transport solutions. These are all areas where Alfa Laval has long experience, proven products and innovative solutions to support your industry. 

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